West Extrusion is a privately held plastic extrusion facility located in Campbell, OH strategically located just minutes from the I-80 and I-76 shipping lanes.

WE are the premier producer of seamless décor treatments offering custom matched wood-grain, Faux-Finishes and holographics.

Drawing on decades of expertise in the extrusion industry, West Extrusion uses the latest technologies to provide our customers with rigid and flexible, decorated pvc extrusions, functional 3-D rapid prototyping and small batch production, also in rigid and flexible materials, in-house design services and make order custom profiles. and will assist you in taking your project from an idea to a functional reality.

Though these things are true at West Extrusion we believe that it matters much less who we are as it does WHERE we are. Our extruded profiles can be found in the nations most recognizable landmarks like the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building, as well as in the big toy industry’s Top of the Line pontoon boats and Recreational vehicles.

WE look forward to serving you on your next project and will strive to make it a success, because at West Extrusion SUCCESS is what WE do TOGETHER.